Multi-instrumentalist Treya Lam in her Bushwick apt / by annaandthelens

I came as a stranger into Treya's home and I left with a feeling like I knew someone. The truth is I am constantly reminded in this project that it’s only as good as the openness of the artist and the connection we share.

Treya Lam is a multi instrumentalist - a classically trained pianist, she began playing guitar and viola later in life.  She originally grew up in Long Island, and has lived in her Bushwick apartment for 6 years. When I walked into her space, it was a beautiful and peaceful place where you could feel the serenity emanating from the room. Talking to Treya, I felt that same  thing coming from her.

She let me know that she rarely invites people over to her place, but a part of her wanted to capture the space that she loves so much to remember it as it is. I felt honored that she decided to share her home with me and let me document her process.

When we spoke about how ideas come to her, she told me that they really begin all sorts of ways, sometimes as song lyrics, sometimes as melodies. She stores these ideas and comes back to them, occasionally years later when she feels the song has come to her. When she played her music for me, she immersed herself in the song and it was in that moment that I took perhaps one of my favorite shots of the series so far.

Treya is working on her first album and I’m excited to have a listen once it comes out. You can check out her music:

 Explore Treya Lam's music: Website: IG: @treyamakesmusic