Singer Songwriter Alana Amram and Her Bushwick Cabin / by annaandthelens

I photographed Alana Amram back in March and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet her and see her incredible creative space. Alana is such a warm and open person that immediately upon meeting her you feel included in her world. Alana lives in a space in Bushwick that embodies what I think of when I think of an artist's loft. It contains all the creative elements that are ripe for inspiration. She shares the space with her brother (who is also the drummer in her band, Alana Amram and the Rough Gems) as well as an incredible artist, Adam DePalma, whose paintings line the walls of the loft.  Since the loft is located above a nightclub, there is never an issue of making too much sound - the loft is equipped with a full drum kit, thus making it possible to rehearse with a full band and host late night jam sessions into the wee hours.

Alana's creative space is her bedroom, a small lofted wooden room built by hand within this larger loft. When you're in it, you feel like you're camping in a cabin in the woods. Before she starts working on her music, she usually lights some candles, giving the entire space a warm glow. When I asked about how ideas for songs come to her, she said often they come in her dreams and she wakes up startled, grabbing her phone to record them before they're gone forever.

After lighting some candles, Alana grabbed her guitar and I set myself up with my camera. I must admit that being an observer of someone while they're working on new songs is an incredibly intimate process. It's raw and tender. I understand that I am an intruder although I try my hardest to be a fly on the wall without disrupting the flow.

As I write this, Alana is the process of moving to LA where she will rejoin her other band, Death Valley Girls, and head-out on tour around the States. Excited to see what musical adventures await!

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